How SEO Works

So your wondering how SEO Works.

SEO is difficult to understand and even more difficult to describe. Let me try and simplify how SEO works. In short SEO is mainly based on good content and pages leading to exactly what they are supposed to lead to. Good SEO is defined by a good presence on the Internet.

Google is Google because it upholds a great pride in pointing people to exactly what they type in that search box. Google doesn’t like false SEO for example you type ” Cars” in the search box and you end up on a page about “houses” this will create a very high bounce back rate. Google will penalise you if you have an above average bounce back rate. Also this isn’t really doing you any favours if you are trying to sell “houses”.

The Main things that Can Improve your SEO

  • Good Content

  • Backlinks

  • A decent Site Map

  • Good focus on your keyword (s)

  • Simple URL addresses (Google wants to see words not numbers)

  • The Correct use of Heading Tags

  • Alt and Title Tags on all Images

  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook can make a huge difference many among others)

  • New Content

  • Videos (make a you tube channel)

  • A good internal Linking structure

    The Reason for Improving your SEO

    Ok so you have built your site, it looks great and your over the moon with it. However when you search for yourself using your type of business and town you cant find your own site. Upsetting isn’t it? I had this with my own site for months, until i discovered SEO and some of the best kept secrets.
    SEO is very important especially if you are trying to sell your services. 70% of people start their searches for local businesses on the internet. No matter what they are looking for you can almost guarantee they will have a little look through google before they head out. If all you have is a van driving around with your phone number on it chances are they probably wont find you.
    The Tile People Ltd have been in their current building on a well known industrial estate in Haywards Heath for 13 years and know they have a fully function website with a good position on the Google ladder new customers are discovering their shop stating “we have lived in this town for more than 20 years and we had no idea you was here, or the industrial site” so its proven in this instance.
    SEO marketing and a nice clean website could turn your struggling business to a thriving business without too much money or effort. Think of all the business you could potentially be loosing to that larger company that has the money to advertise on billboards, Radio adds and in glossy magazines. Just because your new customers didn’t know you exist.
    With technology these days making it so easy to “google it” no matter where you are, makes me feel that google is up there in the top 3 ways of reaching out to your potential customers.
    Why not get in touch and see if i can do anything for you, your business and mosts importantly your funds.

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