Welcome to Improve your SEO

Hello and welcome. Because you have made it here i am guessing that you require assistance in getting your Website higher on the dreaded google ladder.  Well i am here to help. I intend to concentrate in helping small businesses get their websites seen by the people that it needs to be seen by. (your target audience)

With SEO becoming more and more competitive, and the internet playing a huge part in the life of any business, SEO is the best way to get your website seen by your target audience. SEO can be daunting and difficult to understand, Where do you start!? Well your journey towards the top of the google ladder starts right here, with my help we can get your small business out to your target audience using the internet.

Say you was to type in “Plumbers Haywards Heath” a lot of the time that first page is filled with directories, these are annoying and taking up your position on google. Firstly they don’t really help you out and mostly they don’t help your customers find you. Well i intend to help your Small business be found by people that live locally.

Whats the use of a website if its hidden on page 20 of your google search? The web is a great place to market your business, if its local trades, florists or a taxi service. Without any direct contact you can reach out to hundreds potential customers. On your site they can learn about you, your products and how you could be of service to them. The web is also a good place for people to see the quality of your previous work.

Get in touch and let me help you Improve your SEO……


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